Sunday, May 30, 2010

Story Synopsis

This story is about a half human and half demon that have not found its way in life. Due to her demon form, she has served servitude to Satan but has always wanted something better, something kinder… she wants LOVE! Close to the end of 2012, the war in the middle-east has intensified and oil has become scarce. A scientist develops a new form of energy that will completely eliminate the need for fossil fuels. All the small scaled tests of the power plant have proven successful, but the larger plant will prove to be deadly. Satan has desired a portal to the human world since being banished at the Garden of Eden. This plant, being built between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers in Iraq, opens the gate to the Garden of Eden after being hidden since the dawn of man. It also opens the portal to Heaven and Hell in the process. The plant also causes a destructive force on the earth causing such devastation to kill off a third of the world’s population and sending man-kind back into the dark ages. Now with limited power to support technology for global communication and no unified government, humans now explore this Garden seeking knowledge only to find the path to Hell. God realizes what the humans have done has sent word to an unlikely soul to stop the humans and banish them once again from the Garden; Allu! During her journeys, she makes friends with some of the angels and humans. But will she find what she truly seeks in the end?