Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Allu: Allu is a succubus. She is the daughter of Cain and Lilith. In Genesis, Cain kills Abel and moves away from his parents, Adam and Eve, in a community of other people. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention where these people come from or who they are. Lilith was from this group of Godless people. Allu has a protector from all, her symbiotic pet, Cerebus. With Allu being part human and part fallen angel, she can still have the ultimate decision to make by seeking the truth. However, with her unfortunate looks, she has found she best fits in purgatory close to Hell’s gate where she resides. This closeness to the human world, Satan and Lilith pushes her to become one of the fallen by taking down man anyway she can.

Cerebus: Cerebus is Allu’s pet and best friend. He looks like a sting ray with dragon wings. He is also a symbiotic creature with Allu. He can only stay alive for a short while from being able to touch Allu. In folk lore, Cerebus served as the guardian of the Gates of Hell.

Lilith: Mother of Allu. She is the queen of the succubus. She is the Daughter of Satan and Sin. Her main goal is to disrupt human life by causing man to fall to her demonic adulterous lifestyle. She had Allu through one of God’s first human offspring, Cain.

Bryn: Bryn is a 30 year old American born Norwegian. He served as a marine in the war in the middle east where he lost both of his legs from the knees down. He has been able to make it as top security with a scientific company that researches wormholes for space travel.

Ellen: Ellen is a 36 year old researcher with the company that develops space travel. She leads a group of scientist to develop wormholes large enough to travel through for space travel.

By the way, all the artwork is done by Aggie93!

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