Thursday, July 8, 2010


July 8, 2011 Baghdad

It was late at night, Bryn and his company was out on patrol just on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq. He was in charge of an elite group of soldiers that did not have a title nor was recognized by the government to even exist. They have been assigned to the 804 to patrol the streets while the newly formed Iraqi government slowly takes charge of the region.

Bryn was advised that some activity was taking place at night in the abandoned industrial area north of town. He decided to take his outfit in that direction for the patrol. Night was his team’s time to shine. Most of their work was done in the cover of the dark of night. Day and even moon-lit nights were off-times for the crew. That was time for R-N-R.

As they got closer to the industrial site, the crew went into combat mode. This was like clockwork. All illuminated instruments they carried were turned off, including any communication devices. Bryn’s command was able to communicate in sign language. However, most of the time, nothing had to be said. It was like they were an extension of each other; knowing every move the other would make. They have been together for a decade now… since the war in Afghanistan began in 2001.

Like snakes, the team slivered through the alley, one looking after the other as they went. They reached a window that was boarded up but had streaks of light streaming out into the darkness around them. Sue, Bryn’s second in command, was an Israeli that knew many languages in the Middle Eastern region. She was an expert in ancient languages as well. There was no need to peer into the window to see what was going on in there. She just listened and reported to Bryn, by sign, that it was three men that spoke an ancient Palestinian and one other person that she could not recognize the language or the dialect. Bryn only needed to know there were four men that they would be up against. He passed this on to the other five people on his team.

Bryn turned to Sue with a jester to see if they had any weapons. She listened once again very intently to hear the sounds of metal or plastic that would give indication of guns. There were only sounds of metal being moved around like a machinist’s shop. She could not determine weapons. Her eyebrows drew up with perplexity and Bryn nodded his head as to confirm her confusion. He made the decision to tell his team to go in “hot” with their weapons.

As all of his team silently moved their weapons off safety, Bryn noticed a silhouette in the darkness of the alley. Bryn’s heart raced as he motioned to Sue to confirm his suspicion. He knew that if they were noticed this whole operation would be compromised. Sue glanced deeply into the dark. Their pupils have been trained to dilate as much as the human body would allow to bring in as much light from the stars, or whatever else lights are available, to see in the dark better than any nocturnal species on earth. She turned to him and shook her head. He peered again into the corner of the alley. There it stood; about seven to eight feet tall in an awkward pose. But as he turned to get Sue’s attention again, he caught a glimpse of the shadow slide out of sight. He warned the rest of his team that they are being watched. He decided that this operation at hand was too important to pass up based on one man’s observation without confirmation. He motioned for them to move forward into the building through an opening near the rain gutter.

July 8, 2011 Oslo

“The energy that will be produced from this newly discovered centrifuge will supply a city of approximately a half of a million population” a finely dressed lady standing in front of a podium in the lecture hall of the Nobel building in Oslo, Norway.

“How do we know if these centrifuges will be safe to operate”, a distinguished man blurted out in the audience? He continued, “We all know what happened with Chernobyl.”

The lady replied with an attitude of secured calmness that soothed the doubters in the audience, “This is not based on any principles that the human race has ever dealt with. It does not use traditional fossil fuels or nuclear elements to produce heat for turbines. No, this form of energy was never discovered or discussed by Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkins. My team of elite experts in various field of science uncovered this… this relic that was found near the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in Iraq was analyzed by our archaeologist. They discovered what could not be interpreted by their colleagues and their literature was brought to us here in the United States to be deciphered. After many years of scientific research and, quite frankly, just thinking out of the box, we were able to determine that this had to be plans to build an alien energy source. Hypothetically speaking, we think that some form of life inhabited our planet sometime around five to ten thousand years ago. This life was either a similar intelligence to ours today or somewhat higher. There are no other signs of this life anywhere else on Earth other than this area and east of Iraq in modern Tibet. No bones of these species can be found but there have been artifacts that would suggest they were somewhat human in shape.”

She was hearing the crowd become excitingly interested in what she was saying. Ten years ago a suggestion such as this would have been ludicrous and she would have been laughed out of the researching community. But no one today doubts such comments; the world has turned their ear to anything that would give them answers.

“Dr. Korjolv, do you honestly believe that aliens did exist on this planet,” a man in the back yelled out?

She replied, “Either that or we might have devolved from this species.”


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